Lights, Camera, Acting

On Wednesday night, less than twenty four hours after a judge handed down his guilty verdict in a sexual assault case, former president Donald Trump held his first town hall of the campaign season. Wh...

May 2023

Enduring the Dark

But our God is the God who emptied the tomb, who conquered death and burst free of graveclothes because no stone--or enemy--could hold Him back. And now Christ is the light of heaven (Revelation 22:5)...

Feb 2023

Pope Benedict laid to rest

Pope Benedict laid to rest

[photo1] The Requiem Mass of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.(Photo: Vatican)
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was laid to rest on Thursday with a Requiem Mass in St Peter...

Jan 2023

Pope Benedict XVI Dies at Age 95

The Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, passed away on Saturday, December 31, 2022, in Vatican City at age 95. Reports share that he lost a quick battle with sudden declining health.
Pope Benedict XVI, t...

Dec 2022

Iran Sentences Protestor to Death

An unnamed person arrested in Iran for protesting the government has been sentenced to death, making them the first arrested protestor to receive such a sentence.
According to the BBC, the defendan...

Nov 2022